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Nyilawila slams referees after Cheka defeat

Nyilawila succumbed to a sixth-round Technical Knockout (TKO) loss to Cheka in the scheduled 12-round bout attended by scores of fans, in which Cheka ultimately maintained an unbeaten record against domestic opponents in the weight division. Nyilawila said shortly after the bout that he opted to concede defeat after the bout’s referee, Zambian Jerome Waluza, failed to warn Cheka against committing fouls time and again.

“I decided to concede defeat because of unfair refereeing. Cheka was pushing me now and then and the referee hardly warned him. Cheka does not throw punches, he merely pushes opponents and I felt I could no longer continue fighting”, said Nyilawila. Nyilawila’s coach, Steven Mwasangoma, concurred with his boxer and lamented the bout’s referee for his failure to handle the fight fairly.

“Nyilawila was not beaten, it is nothing but poor refereeing that contributed to these results”, said Mwasangoma. A delighted Cheka was, otherwise, proud of his achievement and disclosed that he will no longer be willing to fight domestic opponents considering that he has not encountered serious opposition so far.

It was almost a balanced bout for the first three rounds, in which both boxers looked a bit cagey before Cheka eventually proved he was a class apart the rest of the domestic boxers, when he began putting his opponent at bay with a series of timely punches in the fourth and fifth rounds.

Nyilawila, who was relatively shorter than his opponent, was, however, quite effective in counterpunches and stayed much closer to Cheka whenever he was about to attack the latter and the approach troubled Cheka for some time. Cheka’s stunning endurance then came into view in the sixth round, in which he was the better out of the two thanks to his speed and a good combination of punches he connected on his opponent.

The Morogoro-based boxer then cornered Nyilawila with a series of heavy punches midway through the round and sent the latter to the canvas with a fierce left hook to win a deafening applause from his overjoyed fans. Nyilawila felt he had had enough of the punishment and conceded the TKO defeat amid yet more noisy applause from Cheka fans, who invaded the ring to congratulate their hero.

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