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No research No right to speak


And this seems to have been an ongoing process before even the recent strikes of which among other things, doctors demanded improved medical facilities to enable them put into practise their expertise.

Unlike the reported fate of George Kiratu in the last week’s column of the Reporter at Large, this time, it was me receiving generous humane treatment at the hands of the very nurses, sisters and doctors of Muhimbili National Hospital, particularly at the Emergency Unit.

I had never fallen sick to warrant my admission to any hospital before. However, one of my friends was hospitalised at the Muhimbili National Hospital way back in 1994 where I had the opportunity of visiting the sick ones at this hospital.

What I saw there, was pathetic. I could not make a difference of an overcrowded prison with that hospital. The only hopeful message to the sick ones was the receiving of Friday alms from business people who believed in offering alms to the needy on Fridays.

I saw with my naked eyes one of the prominent businessman going round in the hospital dishing out money as alms. Things were very different that early morning when I was rushed to the Emergency Unit at the Muhimbili National Hospital. Having been outside of this country for so many years where in those countries their hospitals are said to be better; I could not see the difference between our Muhimbili Emergency Unit with theirs; to say the least, our Emergency Unit is one of the best!

The nurses at the reception were very dutiful, wearing smiles that could make a patient temporarily be relieved of his/her pains. Once you are in that emergency unit, you would think you are at an airport as the loudspeakers are at work, making several announcements without disturbing the peace of patients in that waiting room, fully airconditioned.

Then I asked myself, what a hell these doctors were making on their strike; demanding from the government to improve the working equipment while I was mesmerized on what I saw. There are indeed all indications of improving of our hospitals! I have not been to the famous Apollo Hospital in India but have seen several hospitals in Southern Africa and could say with authority that Muhimbili’s Emergency Unit is one of the best.

Then I was reliably informed that all that I saw at the emergency unit is not coming from the government’s efforts. That is the work of an American Organisation going by the name of Abbott Funding. Abbott Funding has been working with Tanzania and several developing countries in improving medical services. It appears with Tanzania, Abbott is happy on how their projects are being managed.

Right now Abbott is financing more that 20 laboratories countrywide and this is a show of confidence with our country. Several countries previously working with Abbott have been dropped because of insincerity and corruption. Right now there is a programme of making the Muhimbili National Hospital to be one of the best laboratories, in south of the Sahara. Currently some of the samples from different countries are sent to South Africa.

However, sooner than later these samples would be brought to Dar es Salaam. That is good news! Anyway, after initially being observed at the Emergency Reception, I was moved to one of the Kibasila Wards where I noted a huge difference from the Emergency Unit. There was a bit of an overcrowding, luckily I was not told to sleep on the floor as may be, they feared how I would wake up from the ground with such a heavy body.

I was given well cleaned and ironed sheets with indelible stains of hospital dirtiness. The toilets looked terrible. As if that was not enough, some of the medicines were not in stock in their pharmacy had to be asked to buy them from outside. Then I asked again, why this vast difference between the Emergency Unit and in the wards? The answer was so simple that Abbott Funding is only confined to the Emergency Unit while the wards are the responsibility of the government. What an observation from this very simple research!

The public would have cursed doctors for their argument in improving the working conditions and equipment for their work. Do people know this Abbott Funding? Another falsity going around is that, people using medical health assurance are not well received with medical authorities as most of the hospitals would prefer patients paying cash! Why? On simple reason that such patients use cash to buy their services. How true is that?

On just simple reasoning that the number of patients using medical assurance is greater than that of private patients, and assurance as business would go for numbers rather than anything. After all even that cash would not go to an individual now why deny him or her right for treatment! This is false! These are the kind false information our society is forcefully fed with bad intentions.

Apparently the information is used by our politicians of either party to suit their own conveniences at a given time. Should our people gullibly take such statements simply because they are coming from their political leaders? The Reporter at Large on Hindu Mandal Hospital story did a good simple research in this column and came up with convincing story at the end. And Chinese are saying, “No research, no right to speak.” We, as a society, politicians, members of parliament should live up to this dictum.


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