Nkoma Health Centre a life saver

Nkoma Health Centre a life saver


Nkoma Health Centre cost over 700m/-, in construction and will serve people  living in Nkoma, and  Mwalushi. Other beneficiaries include people residing in Dasina, Gambasingu, Ngw'angwita, and Mwanuni and areas bordering Maswa district in Shinyanga.

Premier Mizengo Pinda,  the Guest of Honour at the launch, told the residents that the Tanzania government deeply appreciates contributions made by different stakeholders, such as World Vision, in improving health services for Tanzanians.

"We the government hail World Vision for helping our people. Nkoma Health Centre will play a decisive role towards addressing some of the healthcare challlenges facing our people here in Bariadi district," he said. Mr Pinda  was  impressed with the support from  World Vision, a move he says provides an impetus to fight various diseases that pose a serious health menace for the residents.

Officials say that  Bariadi district, which comprises of 47 wards and 205 villages, has a population of  about 900,000 people. The district used to have only seven government owned health centres and a total of 48 dispensaries. Residents who  spoke to the 'Daily News' said the newly introduced  health centre will relieve them from walking a long distances  in search of health services. For a long time patients, including women and children, covered long distances in search of medical services.

"We are happy as the same services are nearer home," says Lois Kulwa, a resident of Mwalushi village. Mayunga Koya,  from Mwanunui Village, hailed World Vision and the government for what he describes as unprecedented health  project aimed at confronting challenges in the delivery of health services. 

The fundamental goal of Nkoma Health Centre is to reduce maternal and child mortality in the district. Before its establishment, Nkoma residents used to travel at least 34 kilometres in search for health services in Bariadi town. "Some of the patients here were either unwilling or unable  to travel such a long distance, and thus despaired sometimes losing their lives. But now  I'm very optimistic things would change for better," said a local official.

World Vision Tanzania's Deputy National Director Devocatus Kamara hailed Bariadi residents for their mutual support toward the setting up of Nkoma Health Centre. His organisation contributed 625.4m/-,  Bariadi district council contributed 150m/-, while residents contributed a total of 13m/-. It was through joint efforts we were able to complete this project,"  the Director emphasised.

Bariadi District Executive Director Kassian Oswald  says the new health centre is in need of  an Assistant Medical officer, two clinical officers, four nurses, one  assistant phamacist, two laboratory technicians, five health attendants, two mortuary attendants, one security guard, and a driver.

"We cordially ask the government to provide us with qualified personnel so that our health centre will run smoothly," says Mr Oswald. Prime Minister Pinda assured the residents and local authorities that the government will act promptly to facilitate the operations of the new health centre.

Author: MOSES MATTHEW in Bariadi

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