NGO to cater for elderly issues coming

The NGO, which will champion better policies for older people, is a brainchild of Saidia Wazee Karagwe (SAWAKA), which organized a seminar to sensitize other organization on the need to form a national network.

SAWAKA coordinator Livingstone Byekwaso said the network will work as a unified voice for older people in Tanzania on issues that affect the welfare of senior citizens such as free medical care and pension.

"There are policies which have not been given legal force, such as free treatment and pension scheme for the older people. We are working together to ensure that all older people in Tanzania, irrespective of whether they had been in employment or not, are covered by a pension scheme and are given free treatment when sick," he said.

"Older people, especially in rural areas, have been hit hard by the effects of HIV/AIDS, since they are the ones who care for orphans and the sick. Laws and policies should be put in place to recognize their hardships and support them," he added.Mr Bwekwaso said the seminar, which was organized under the auspices of Help Age International, agreed on the need to establish a nation-wide network of organizations to strengthen older people's voice.

TANZANIA is among the countries in East and ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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