New regions, districts will facilitate service provision

New regions, districts will facilitate service provision

The establishment of the four regions -- Geita, Katavi, Njombe and Simiyu -- was soon followed by the appointments of their commissioners. The 19 new districts, according to GN number 73, are Buhingwe, Busega, Butiama, Chemba, Gairo, Ikungi and Itilima.

Others are Kakonko, Kalambo, Kaliua, Kyerwa, Mbogwe, Mkalama, Mlele, Momba, Nyang’hwale, Nyasa, Uvinza and Wanging’ombe districts. Some differing opinion was soon voiced, with critics describing the creation of the new administrative areas as wastage of resources.

Yet looking at the wisdom behind it, the move was in line with the government’s aspiration to move its services closer to the people. In the next few years, these new regions will have important facilities like regional hospitals, administrative centres, schools and colleges, satellite towns and other important services. Other places might even consider construction of airports and ports, where applicable.

Some regions like Rukwa and Iringa were so vast that it took time and resources to distribute essential services equally. The problem was further compounded by poor infrastructure. A person needed to travel for the whole day or two between Laela and Inyonga in Mpanda District.

With the establishment of new regions, the people in Inyonga will be able to move to regional headquarters in Mpanda within a few hours instead of travelling all the way to Sumbawanga. The same will now apply to people in the newly created Njombe and Geita regions where people will be closer to regional headquarters.

In the past, people used to spend a lot of time and money on travelling. More administrative units would also facilitate effective management of resources and supervision. President Jakaya Kikwete in July 2010 promised in the National Assembly plans to create four new regions and 21 districts, but after verification of boundaries only 19 districts were established.

It is hoped that those appointed to administer the new regions and districts will discharge their duties effectively and meet the people’s expectations. The government should on its part ensure that the new regions get adequate financial resources to help them improve the infrastructure and other important services like electricity and water supply.


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