Musicians urged to intensify malaria war

The National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) Manager, Ally Mohamed, said during the launch of the new campaign dubbed ‘Night Watch’, which is coordinated by Zinduka project, that the musicians could use the power of their profession to educate the society on Malaria.

He said music could be used to dispel fears on all negative perceptions about the disease, which frustrate efforts by the government to fight the scourge. Mohamed said the Night Watch campaign, which motivates the society to use mosquito nets when sleeping at night, is extremely effective in the fight against Malaria.

He added that there are great possibilities for the spread of Malaria at night, thus, he requested the musicians to use their influence in the society in ensuring the Night Watch campaign achieves success. “The NMCP acknowledges the contribution of the musicians in fighting Malaria, in which the musicians have managed to bolster people’s awareness about this disease and how to fight it”, said Mohamed.

Musicians, Mwasiti Almasi and Fareed Kubanda ‘Fid Q’, said they will use their talents to remind the society of the importance of using mosquito nets. Fid Q said he will see to it that the society, starting from children to parents, will be using mosquito nets every night so they could avoid suffering Malaria.

Other musicians participating in the campaign, which will officially start to be aired by the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), include Naseeb Abdul ‘Diamond’, Barnabas ‘Barnaba’, Linah, Bi Kidude and Joseph Haule ‘Professor J’.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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