Meat prices up as daily cattle sales rise

Meat prices up as daily cattle sales rise

The Ministry of Industry and Trade weekly auction data show that average sales rose to 669 cattle in the last week compared to 571 animals of the previous market.

The sales pushed down prices for mature female grade 2 (G2) by 3.4 per cent to 540,000/- from 580,000/- per animal, while male G2 prices also sunk to 660,000/- a drop of 5.6 per cent and male G3 dipped by 1.4 per cent to 506,000/-.

According to the market data, only female G3 saw its prices increasing by almost three per cent to 488,000/-. A meat wholesaler at Vingunguti’s slaughter house, Mr Noel Makula, told the 'Daily News' that the prices have rose due to the supply cuts from upcountry regions.

“The supplies are affected by Ramadan month, as most traders have stopped trading,” Mr Makula said, “We expect prices will descend next week (which is the end of fasting days).” He said wholesale prices for meat have increased from the range of 3,800/- and 4,000/- to 4,500/- a kilogramme since last week but the prices are expected down once the Muslim’s Ramadan month ends.

Some butchers raised price over the week on the back of supply drop that pushed up retail prices and attributed the condition to cattle keepers who saw no reason to sell their animals due to good pastures. “We have no alternative than to pass it to consumers,” a butcher at Tabata Bima said.

The 'Daily News' spot survey shows that prices have gone up in many outlets by an average of 1000/- per kg from an average previous prices of between 4,500/- and 5,000/- in many parts of city although in other suburbs prices remain the same.

A restaurant owner, Martin Pemba, said prices fluctuations have compelled them to raise the prices of beef related dishes. “Prices seem to continue rising, especially when we are approaching the end of Ramadan festivals,” Mr Pemba said at his restaurant near Tazara area.

Many traders in the meat related business have forecast that prices would continue to rise as the economy heads toward the two-day Muslim festival of Eid-El-Fitr next week.

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