Measures needed to protect meat consumers

Measures needed to protect meat consumers


This, therefore, means that our health is at great risk and authorities owe us explanations on why negligence has reached this level. We have so many departments responsible for health, quality control but it seems none of them is doing their work right.

One of the greatest and imminent health risks is the possibility that some animals may have communicable diseases such as TB, which can be transmitted to human beings through consuming uncertified meat. Sometimes the meat is not well prepared, and this makes matters even worse.

Most consumers of meat prefer liver, lungs and other internal organs, which are taken as delicacy especially those who take alcohol. These internal organs are vectors of communicable diseases in animals, yet when you consider how much they are demanded you might think they enter kitchen after being certified.

The issue of public health is taken seriously everywhere in the world. Just recall how some countries in other parts of the world were forced to destroy their livestock on the outbreak of mad cow disease. Surely, it is incomprehensible that despite the presence of regulatory agencies such as Tanzania Drugs and Food Authority (TDFA) and the health officials in each district of this country, still the population cannot be assured of what they consume.

Urgent measures have to be taken now before it is too late, given the fact that some meat is exported to other countries such as Comoro. The Permanent Secretary in the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Ms Blandina Nyoni expressed shock at the news and called on responsible authorities to take action which is long overdue.

Why wait till the newspaper 'Sunday News' exposes this anomaly? Why not ensure that hygienic checks are routine before reaching the ultimate consumer? The ministry should wield its baton down to the last person at Dar es Salaam City Municipal Authorities and in other parts of the country as we have been told, veterinary officers make fake endorsement before conducting thorough checks on slaughtered animals. It is unacceptable to allow negligence to compromise public health. 

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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