Maintenance day

Maintenance day

As is always the case, there were other women and even men. I go to a unisex salon and I don’t see any problem with that. I like to note the difference in behaviors between the two. Men usually just want a haircut and perhaps, once in a while, a facial scrub and attention to their nails.

Quick in and quick out, and end of story. I have noted that when men are in the salon all the women will act a certain way. A woman will either hold off, or speak softly so as to limit hearing or simply just say, ‘the usual’ on the list of things she wants done.

All this is geared towards preserving the illusion that she is naturally that way. We do that a lot as women. We want everyone to think that we are naturally like models you see every day. We wake up with everything exactly as we were born, beautiful.

By beautiful I mean, waxed, sown in properly, cut and shaped and of course shaped at the right angle. I usually have a lot of fun identifying the type of salon character from the moment a woman walks in. There are those who will make it easy and start talking from the moment they place a foot through the door.

That type will talk about everything and hold nothing back. She will start with the latest gossip. She knows who is having extra extras with whom and the details of their last encounter. These characters always amuse me as they tell of the encounters like they were the 3rd person in the room. They know. After the latest gossip on the extras, she will move on to her wonderful husband.

Her wonderful husband, who has a wonderful job, being the director of the wonderful company, which just launched a wonderful new service and was on TV last night. He is wonderful and he loves her very much. Then she will move on to her great children and how they are doing great in school.

Her children have extremely promising careers and she is so proud. Lastly, she will give us all the reason she is at the salon today. She has an impending trip to Dubai. By the time this woman is done with her maintenance, we will all know every little thing about her wonderful, amazing life. Aside from these chatter boxes, there are those who criticize everything. I am of the opinion that if you leave your body to the mercy of the salon attendant, then you should be nice to them. Either that or keep it civil.

These women who criticize will usually be surprised when they don’t get the service done to the details that they wanted. The hair will be cut a little shorter or the eyebrows will be shaped off. They will notice this and criticize even more and the attendance will apologize and that will be the end of that. This woman will be back a few more times before moving to another Salon and doing the same thing over again.

They are the notorious Salon changers, but it’s impolite to say that about anyone, so I won’t. Then there are those who behave, are rather nice, sharing the magazines and not talking too much and laughing at the right time. Some of these women though will request for things that will leave you flabbergasted. Requests like complete body bleach with the latest chemicals,are common.

These chemicals warn of users looking like the living dead, but that doesn’t faze these users. You might conclude that maintenance day is geared towards preserving the illusion or better yet, emphasizing the distinction between human and animal.

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