Local capacity sure way to economic growth

Local capacity sure way to economic growth

According to him, Development Partners should not continue to provide aid for consumption but rather build the local capacity to increase productivity in various sectors of development in African continent and the rest of the developing world.The president must have noticed what the so called development partners have been doing for ages when it comes to provide aid to developing world.

One thing is clear, there is no longer free lunch and no aid will come without strings attached. There are quite good number of examples of offers to developing countries in the form of aid, but in fact it come with sets of conditions. Some of them come with clear guidelines on the number of expatriates in the form of Technical Assistance (TA).

The fact is that a big chunk of resources meant for the aid support goes back to the aid provider as salaries and other remunerations to the TAs. The recipient countries must repay this with interests for generations to come. Under such arrangements it is very difficult for countries to make any meaningful development progress.

What happens actually is the continued dependence on these countries for developing countries and that becomes a nightmare.
It is true that the developed world is ahead in terms of technological advancement particularly on ICT. As the president rightly said, it is important that development partners anchor ICT in the continent’s growth and development so that Africa does not continue to remain a basket case for these nations.

In his talks with the Commonwealth Partnership for technology Management (CPTM) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Mihaela Smith in London on Thursday, he expressed his passion for ICT and that it is only through ICT that Tanzania, like the rest of the developing world, would boost its economic development.

The president’s concern that technology is so deficit in Africa, is shared by all that we must run to catch up with the fast changing technological advancement. True, Africa which depends largely on agriculture of its economic advancement, needs to move away from the traditional methods of rain-dependence to mechanized agriculture through use of new technology. Without taking such bold move, Africa will continue to be poor and ready market for technologically advanced countries.

Tanzania, on the other hand, stands to benefit from the  2013 Smart Partnership Dialogue, under the theme “Leveraging technology for Africa’s Social-Economic Development.”  It is our hope that the team preparing for this historic dialogue will make up to the expectations of the president.

Already we have experiences of how countries such as the Asian Tiger have made tremendous technological advancement through ICT. There are countries such as Taiwan priding itself as the Hi-Tech Island because the country embraced ICT as the driving force for the Far East’s economic development.

Thus, as the country braces to host this historic event, the experts will structure it in such a way that its outcome will be of benefit to the country.Several strategies are in place to ensure the country enters the middle income category by 2025 and we as a country has to adopt several interventions, including  the use of new technology to make sure the country achieves the dream.

Yes, we need tangible projects that reflect value for money

On Friday, President Samia Suluhu Hassan directed local councillors to ...

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