Light at the end of tunnel for victims of curable diseases

Light at the end of tunnel for victims of curable diseases

Mobile clinics are a choice for treating these people regardless of how far away they might be. It is always one of the best alternatives to have mobile clinics near to the people, especially to pregnant women and children who are under five. Some Companies around the world have specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish.

For example mobile clinics international boosts of its 35 years of experience selling mobile clinics in 20 countries. “We are qualified to make medical vehicles of any technical complexity,” they said. But in some countries people are not often exposed to these clinics. Thanks to the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) which recently organized a mobile clinic to Rangitatu health center in Dar es Salaam.

There were 12 specialists who participated in the clinic by providing medical check-up and treatments once or two days in a week since January 2011 running through February 2012.  The mobile clinic are conducted by the World Friends Korea(WFK) volunteers who were working in three donated health centers namely Sinza, Mnazi Mmoja and Rangitatu, and two WFK volunteers from Amana Hospital.

Volunteers participated in the clinic giving various consultations. The specialists among them were dermatologist, internist, surgeon, pathologists, radiologists and nurses. The General surgeon, Dr. Nam Jeongsu, who organized the mobile clinic had succeeded to conduct over 140 operations at Mbagala Rangitatu Health Centre.

Even more important to mention was the spirit of those who organized the mobile clinics offering free services. The officials of KOICA confirmed that the patients in the health centre were undergoing medical checkup and given medicine free by the WFK volunteers. As a result a large number of residents in the area continued to show up at the clinic. It was very clear that there was a high demand for such services.

KOICA, the agency responsible for grant aid programs of the Government of the Republic of Korea has been implementing various development programs in Tanzania since 1992.  It has provided the invitation of training in Korea, whereby over 400 Tanzanians participated including master degree programs, and the dispatch of WFK volunteers. Currently, over 100 volunteers are serving in different places in Tanzania.

In addition KOICA is implementing various development projects in the areas of agriculture, health and education as well. The health center benefited by the mobile clinic is one of the health centers which were donated by KOICA with medical equipments and ambulances.

Some residents of Rangitatu who benefited from the mobile clinic services offered told this paper that some people who live in remote areas of Dar es Salaam also joined. There were those who came from the neighbouring regions to take advantage of such services. “I grabbed this opportunity because there is no way I can afford to pay for such medical services,” said Mary Mkenge who came from Coast region.

On their website the US Doctors for Africa explain that preventable and treatable diseases present an enormous health burden for communities in the developing world. The organization has a vast experience in dealing with victims of curable diseases. For example diseases that have largely been eradicated in the developed world still have immeasurable impacts on populations living in extreme poverty. The doctors believe that primary healthcare is a basic human right, and recognizes that a healthy population is essential for growth, development, and prosperity.

Since the primary mission of the mobile clinics is to deliver basic primary healthcare to millions of people living in rural areas that have little or no access to advanced healthcare, such efforts are expressing the attitude of Korean people in helping others to live a better life.

Most Mobile Clinic project is designed to deliver a pro-active approach in providing life-saving vaccinations, provide treatment for basic treatable diseases, provide pre-natal, obstetrical, and post-natal care, provide therapy and care for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and to provide other basic health and medical care to millions of Africans without access to care.

Each Mobile Clinic is properly equipped with full medical testing and examination facilities that will facilitate the delivery of effective and efficient medical care.  The mobile clinics come fully operational; supplied with advanced technology such as satellite communication tools, patient care rooms, solar-powered lap-tops, health promotion materials and healthcare professional training materials.

It did not come as a surprise to see the deployment of mobile health clinics and medical professionals in communities by WFK. The Koreans have ever since shown their commitment in helping local communities through various volunteering works. The government of Tanzania has always expressed its appreciation to the Korean people for the excellent contributions that the people of Korea have extended to the nation.

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Author: Jaffar Mjasiri

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