Let us resolve to boost farming in Tanzania

Let us resolve to boost farming in Tanzania

Agriculture is the mainstay of Tanzania’s economy. It is its foundation, accounting for almost a half of the national income, three quarters of merchandise exports and is source of food. It provides employment opportunities to about 80 per cent of Tanzanians. Furthermore, agriculture is linked to the non-farm sector, providing raw materials to industries, especially those in the agro-processing line.

According to statistics, the sector in Tanzania is dominated by smallholder farms or peasants. Ours is mostly rain-fed agriculture and largely a peasant one. The importance of agriculture in the day-to-day life of the people all over the world cannot be overemphasized.

It is the large single provider of food. In realization of this, the government, in all its phases since independence, has prioritized agriculture, allocating it huge chunks of the national budget to boost its development. It was, therefore, time for reflection as peasants and all Tanzanians marked Nane Nane on Wednesday.

Despite the tremendous achievements made in the sector, both in its subsistence and cash crop there is a lot to be done to achieve the full benefits associated with it. Tanzanians still need to do more to ensure food self-sufficiency to ensure the food storage silos have got enough to sustain the nation adequately in times of shortages as has been experienced in the past.

Again, despite some mileage achieved in the efforts to modernize farming in the country, the hand hoe remains the major implement, with only 20 per cent of the total crop area handled by ox plough and 10 per cent by tractor. Tanzania’s crop area is cultivated by hand hoe, 20 per cent by ox plough and 10 per cent by tractor.

There is thus need to increase the farming area, apply modern farming technology and hatch ways of doing away with dependence on rain-fed agriculture, what with those unreliable and irregular weather conditions. With the natural resource prospects looking bright and massive investments shining so bright, the farming sector needs reinvigoration to boost the ‘bread basket’. The time is now.

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WHILE gracing the Tanzania Day ...

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