Let us avoid violent situations

Let us avoid violent situations

For Tanzania it was the day of reflection on what the country has done for refugees since independence and what others should do to make this world a refugee-free place. It is evident that Tanzania has done almost what other countries have never done in helping refugees, who entered this country seeking protection from persecution and violence.

At independence Tanzania received its first group of refugees from Rwanda, who were running away from persecution and terror. Another group arrived in 1970s from Burundi,  escaping state-inspired terror. More refugees followed in subsequent years from Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi and Somalia following massive violence in their countries.

They were all received, protected and offered social services. A significant number of old case refugees from Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia were later naturalized to become Tanzanian citizens. It is therefore clear to everybody that Tanzania has done enough, sometimes paying a heavy price, as some refugees became a source of instability and environmental degradation.

Much as Tanzania is praised for its generousity and spirit of humanity, we should not forget that it cannot sustain endless influx of refugees who put a strain on resources. It should be the responsibility of everybody to ensure that the problem of refugees is solved by avoiding situations that generate refugees. Wars and other forms of violence are responsible for generating refugees and they should be avoided at any cost.

We have regional cooperation organs such as the East Africa Community and the Southern Africa Development Community that can be used to address situations that lead to human suffering as subsequent refugee crisis. Let us use those avenues and make the problem of refugees a history.


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