Let’s race against time to save athletics

Let’s race against time to save athletics

Just recently, the past AT leadership admitted that the standard of individual athletes was rapidly dwindling. They seemed to have no tangible answer for the future of athletics in the country. The previous leadership had virtually no plan to revitalise the sport. It is a fact that local athletics has been marginalized in recent years to the extent of losing past sparkle.

Bad or weak leadership is the reason why athletics standards have been on the downhill trend. Athletic enthusiasts, including both AT voters and nonvoters would wish to get rid of some of its leaders who had apparently ‘stopped thinking’.

It seems that while some people may pretend to be in love with sports, they are in actual fact driven by their desire to use sports to get rich quickly. Such warped thinking has also a bearing in the past AT leadership.

For many years now, the AT has failed to come up with proper event planning while coaches seldom follow scientific and modern approaches to training, settling for outdated methods instead.

Staggering under its burden of prolonged mismanagement, the new AT leadership, under the chairmanship of Anthony Mtaka, who is also the recently appointed Mvomero District Commissioner, will turn things around and turn around athletics fortunes.

Mtaka has already vowed to restore the body’s good image that has been badly tarnished. The new boss made swift remarks about transforming the body, from its current ‘White Elephant’ status, making it even vibrant. To start with, he has promised an all inclusive new constitution within the next three months.

He has also promised to focus on reinvigorating the national championship. The challenge for the new leadership is to make sure athletics regains its status as one of the sport that earned the country glory in various international competitions, such as All African Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. This calls for joint support from the public, government and individuals. Apparently, with the new vigour and zeal that the new leadership promised to come up with, the future looks bright.

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