Let’s prepare well for the coming heavy rains

Let’s prepare well for the coming heavy rains

Torrential rains cause flash floods, stream flooding and landslides, posing a risk to people’s safety and health. Floods are known for their destructive notoriety, wreaking havoc on the infrastructure, including damage to roads and bridges.

Houses are not being spared either, especially those situated in low-lying areas.According to past experience, heavy rains may also lead to the outbreak of communicable diseases, both waterborne and airborne. According to TMA, the seasonal rains are expected to start this month until May.

The TMA caution is timely lest we witness a repetition of last year’s disaster caused by heavy downpours that led to deaths, destruction of property and infrastructure. Some families are still homeless following last December’s disaster.It is crucial at this stage for all and sundry to heed to the call by TMA and start taking preemptive measures to ward off or reduce possible damage. A stitch in time has always saved nine!

The looming rains should also serve as another grim reminder to the ‘diehards’ who have not heeded to previous advice to relocate from the flood-prone low-lying areas to relatively safe areas. By acting on time, both individuals’ lives would be saved and their properties salvaged while the government would not have to incur massive costs in terms of caring for and compensating victims.

To make it a win-win situation, it is also advised that we take advantage of the forecast of heavy rains to harvest rain water for drier times. With the current climate unpredictability, harvesting rain water for use during dry spells will reduce livestock deaths and increase agricultural yields.

Most importantly, however, we hope to see power generating companies take advantage of the good news and make sure that dry spells no longer become a reason for low productivity that lead to power black-outs for hours on end.  Let us make the most of the fact that we expect abundant, nay, more than abundant, rainfall this season. The forecast should not be looked at as a curse but more of a blessing.

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