Let’s make good use of agro investors

Let’s make good use of agro investors

He said that the G8 countries had pledged an 897 million dollars support to the country under the new alliance to bolster farming in Africa. This gives us every reason to celebrate. The future of the sector, which employs over 80 per cent of the country’s population, surely looks bright.

It only needs high-level support and sufficient investment to make it tick more. This support came after recognizing the positive efforts of developing the agricultural sector in Tanzania and make the country food secure at a time
when the world is facing a food crisis.

The ‘Kilimo Kwanza’ (agriculture first) initiative is one out of several that have won praises and attracted subsequent support. The initiative was launched in 2008 by the president himself. However, developing the agricultural sector and turn the country into the region’s food basket will not entirely depend on a single initiative or some support from the donors.

Multiple initiatives that include encouraging investors into the sector should be harnessed to achieve the goal. There are already large-scale investors who have been licensed to develop farms in different parts of the country, who need to be regulated and supported.

President Kikwete said after the Camp David Summit that the investors were in the country to support small-scale holders and not to displace them. The regional and district authorities should therefore clearly understand and implement the president’s policy and eliminate any complaints that the people may have against the investors. Tanzania really needs investors. But their activities should be regulated to ensure they benefit the small-holders. And this should be the task of the government and local authorities.

Transparency is the way forward

NON-STATE, not-for-profit, voluntary entities are formed by ...

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