Leaders are born not made?

Leaders are born not made?

Anyway, at the moment I am enjoying seeing my ambitious daughter grow into a young leader and surprised I did not notice the signs ever since she was growing in my tummy. She is my second child and while her brother who is six years older than her would lie still and give me a big kick once in a while, my daughter would kick more often than not.

Then at the labour ward my son gave me 18 hours of labour while my daughter came out alone and I had to shout for the midwife who had deserted me to tell her that my bundle of joy has arrived without any assistance. While her brother took his time making his first baby steps my daughter was in full gear getting on her feet at eleven months.

Well I guess her name Nabukeera meaning one who is always on time must have contributed greatly to the supersonic speed in which she wants everything done. Her first protest letter to me was written when she was four. She was complaining that her brother was refusing to play the games she likes and for that matter she wanted a bedroom of her own.

I have kept the original version which was written on scrap paper with all the spelling mistakes and I keep on promising myself to frame it. By standard two she was complaining (read complaining) that she had not been chosen as the class monitor. For weeks she bugged me and asked me to ask her teacher why she could not be the class monitor.

Eventually I did and the teacher informed me that the class monitors are appointed by the teachers. Not particularly happy with the answer, she let it pass. In Standard three she led the class in the graduation song for the grade seven pupils passing out. For five days she and I practiced the song she had to present in front of the class.

Apparently it was a democratic process and the best three songs would be chosen by the class. Together we changed some words around to fit the theme of the standard seven pupils leaving and the hard work paid off. ‘her’ song was chosen plus two others. The day of the presentation I had just come in the night before by bus from a long safari, but I had promised to make it in time for the performance.

Stage fright overtook her. Her teachers and I had to calm her down and assure her that everything will be fine. Her biggest problem was that her classmates were not that cooperative and she was sure it was going to be a flop. Well after the show, I explained to her that being a leader is not a bed of roses but she should not be discouraged.

This year to her delight, after all she is only in Standard Four she was elected Assistant Head Prefect. It then hit me that all this time I was seeing her as my little girl and looking at the leadership potential in her. So yes I could say leaders are born but they need to be conceived first, right? I just pray I do not kill the ambition in her, so help me God!

Author: Natasha K'okutangilira

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