Kariakoo Market expansion plans need a rethink

Kariakoo Market expansion plans need a rethink

It is even worse during the shopping sprees preceding festivals as Christmas and Idd el-Fitr as apart from the market complex, other shops stocking such goods as clothes, shoes and a wide variety of domestic appliances, abound in the immediate vicinity.All entrances to the complex and other shopping outlets are then clogged by thousands of shoppers, petty traders and both service vehicles and those owned by the shoppers. It is just too chaotic. It is just impossible for drivers to make any headway in the presence of the heavy traffic.

Plans to add four more storeys to the complex may sound good on the ground though the envisaged expansion may also, in practice, create more problems than solutions.  As an advice, it would be good to find another ideally and conveniently located plot for the construction of another market complex that would take into account the soaring population and the accompanying soaring demand for both goods and services.

Dar es Salaam is an ever expanding city, which necessitates the need to have satellite market complexes in the districts and several other locations in the peripheries. These would help ease the congestion now experienced in the city centre and places like Kariakoo.

In modern-day urban planning all over the world, emphasis is given on the construction of such vital service installations as market places in the neighbourhoods and satellite towns where residents are able to obtain goods and other essential services without having to transit to the city centres to obtain the same.Fine; it is a grand idea to give the current Kariakoo complex a face-lift in the form of renovations and modest expansion after all these decades since its rehabilitation. 

But when it comes to wholesale expansion in the manner envisaged, eyebrows are bound to be raised as to how city authorities will be able to find alternative entrance, exit and parking system to facilitate unhindered movement. It is food for thought.

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