Judiciary deserves enough resources

Judiciary deserves enough resources

Justice Jundu who was presiding over the swearing-in of the  Deputy  High Court Registrar for Sumbawanga, Batista Mhelela, said while the Judiciary had requested 20bn/- for its courts around the country, only 5bn/- was made available.

He said the judiciary needed 2bn/- to dispose of election petitions but received 300m/- only, which is not enough to conclude 34 petitions stemming from the 2010 general election.

At the moment, only four cases are being heard. Justice Jundu was appealing to the public to understand the situation of the judiciary before blaming it for delaying people’s cases. The Principal judge was also concerned with corruption in the judiciary which, he said, tainted the image of the judiciary, although he was convinced that not everybody was corrupt.

We would like to believe that the current situation in the judiciary is only temporary and things would change for the better sooner than later. The main reason is that justice is a human right issue and if not guaranteed, it results in discomfort and complaints.  Wronged people rush to courts of law to seek justice and have no other option.

There are those accused of crimes, including murder, armed robbery, drug trafficking and many others of such nature. Until their cases are concluded, they have to endure life in remand prisons even if it takes ten years for their cases to be heard. That is too long a time to wait and now we know they will have to wait a little longer because the  judiciary’s financial position is not getting any better.

Another serious challenge is the time awarded to election petitions which are supposed to be disposed of six months after they are filed. None has so far been concluded, which is a nightmare to those who filed them. The public is also eager to know who their right Member of Parliament is. That said and done, the government’s only option is to save the judiciary from the dire straight otherwise people will ask: “Where else can we get this basic right?”

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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