It’s really good news for fresh job seekers

It’s really good news for fresh job seekers

According to the Minister for Labour and Employment, Ms Gaudensia Kabaka, the government is seeking a consensus with employers both in public and private sectors, to help abolish that clause. Ms Kabaka said as one of the major requirements, job experience, has been one of the serious obstacles that deny many youths employment opportunities upon graduating from colleges.

The minister said in most cases, long time experience was not really necessary for someone to be employed, as long as the applicant possesses satisfactory training. She also made it clear that the requirement has shut out many youths from opportunities in companies, organizations and even the government itself, even when the job seekers had credible qualifications.

The minister stressed that the job experience clause could only be applied to a few areas of professionalism, otherwise it should be annulled to open a new chapter for people looking for employment. The government’s proposal couldn’t have come at an opportune time, now that so many youths have failed to get employment in various sectors.

Available statistics show that out of 800,000 fresh job seekers, only 40,000 are absorbed in the public sector. Its impact will be felt almost immediately when its implementation comes into effect. Probably, the government will have to team up with employers and come up with a formula on the types of jobs that need experience and those which do not.

The parties will, for example agree on whether a driver, receptionist, human resource officer or accounts clerk, should fulfil the same conditions as a factory manager, doctor or pilot before they can be employed. Employers, too, will have to devise new ways to help their new staff cope, including providing them with training and coaching. That will help the newly- employed to gain experience and enjoy their work.

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