It’s a good team; let’s all work with them

It’s a good team; let’s all work with them

From the look of it; it is a very good team, being made up of prominent politicians, retired national leaders and lawyers, especially constitution law experts, with retired Judge and retired Prime Minister Joseph Sinde Warioba picked as its chairman and retired Chief Justice Augustino Ramadhani as his deputy.  

It is also Union-balanced, 15 from the Mainland and 15 from Zanzibar, and fairly gender-balanced much as all groups in society will be represented. As the president said when announcing the commission last Friday, it was not an easy task, given the fact that he had to pick only 30 out of the 550 names proposed by different stakeholders.  

“It was not an easy task to pick 30 names out of the 550 names proposed by different stakeholders. All groups are represented and everyone in the society will be heard as the commission travels all over the country,” Mr Kikwete explained. The commission’s appointees deserve congratulations for the honour bestowed upon them which reflects their contribution to the Tanzanian society in one way or another.

They have proved their worth, which has earned them the confidence and trust of their fellow Tanzanians. Theirs is a noble task. It is also not an easy task. That is why they would need the assistance and cooperation of us all. After all these years, it is imperative for the country to review its constitution as a lot of ‘water has passed under the bridge’ with a lot of social, economical and political changes.

A glance at Tanzania’s constitution history would show that from 1961 at the time of her independence up to 1977, when she got her permanent Constitution, Tanzania had five (5) new constitutions, namely the Independence Constitution (1961), the Republican Constitution (1962), the Interim Constitution of the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar (1964), the Interim Constitution (1965), and the permanent Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977.

As generally noted, constitutions are vital documents that contribute a lot to the stability of nations. Their writing, re-writing or review, therefore, is a sober exercise needing great wisdom and great minds. In his choices, both personal and advised, the president has acted fairly. Bravo. 

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