It must be a win-win situation in gas deals

It must be a win-win situation in gas deals

Kigoma North Member of Parliament, Mr Zitto Kabwe, who is also the Parliamentary Public Organisation Accounts Committee (POAC) Chairman, said over the weekend that there was a lot to be done if the country is to fully benefit from this sector.The Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof Sospeter Muhongo is also quoted as saying that the government would not issue new permits ahead of the Fourth Licensing Round in Texas in the US on Thursday this week.

The government’s stance against issuing new licences is a bold move worth praising.It’s a fact that Tanzanians lack expertise to handle such a lucrative business which requires massive investment.The local colleges and universities have not been able to produce a capable labour force that could take up senior positions with the exploration companies, save for a few who have been trained abroad.

This is a negative trend which must stop forthwith if the country’s socio-economic development efforts currently underway are to be sustained.The focus now should be on how to develop internal capacity by training more scientists, technicians and engineers to assume senior positions with the exploration companies.

The present situation whereby multinational companies are solely running the show offers the country no space in future to decide on how the natural resources would be harnessed.The government must resist all pressures from development partners and donors to issue new licences as global demand for energy is growing.

Latest discoveries show that there are confirmed reserves of 43 trillion cubic feet of gas roughly valued at 430 billion US dollars (about 688tri/-).So, any serious investor would not wait and see this lucrative business which is almost risk free slipping out of hand.

This is a reason why the government should negotiate for a win-win situation with Tanzanians themselves having a big say and decision on how to share the wealth.

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