Inter-party harmony good for Tanzania

Inter-party harmony good for Tanzania

This decision was greeted by the formation of a multitude of political parties (utitiri wa vyama) – at some point exceeding 10 -- that emerged to try their ‘luck’ in the country’s political arena. The political battle had begun between the ruling party and the so-called opposition parties.

Political pluralism is a healthy thing in any country aspiring to build a strong democracy. Yet according to a study conducted by one political analyst, the relationship between the two camps in Africa has been tenuous, characterised by hostility between the ruling party and opposition parties. The hostility is very much uncalled for. In fact the ruling party should understand that opposition parties have a role to play in keeping the ruling parties at check and putting on positive pressure for accelerated development in form of useful criticism.

In their part, the opposition, too, has got to understand and accept that the ruling party has a responsibility to fulfil its election-time pledges. The opposition should not try to block the ruling party from fulfilling its elect oral pledges. This is the way to institutionalise multi-party democracy.

It is for the reasons stated above that Tanzanians should hail the recent development in which the opposition CHADEMA, often embroiled in confrontation with the ruling party and state organs, sought an audience with President Jakaya Kikwete, who is also national chairman of the ruling CCM, to sort out a few things in connection with the constitutional review process. In fact the meeting between the two parties, reported to have been cordial, took place at the State House in Dar es Salaam on Sunday.

The fact that it happened so soon after the request by CHADEMA underlines the seriousness of the president to foster inter-party harmony in Tanzania and hear different views on matters of national importance. Multi-party politics do not mean confrontation. It is healthier democratic setting harmonious and peaceful political co-existence. Sunday’s meeting, without divulging its contents, is a commendable development indeed. 

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