Implementation Committee for Cabinet!

Implementation Committee for Cabinet!

I could not imagine Honourable Erasto Zambi predicting the downfall of his own party, CCM, if it is going to take things easy as they are doing it now.  This came after revelations of billion of shillings having been embezzled by different institutions as audited by the CAG, Zitto, Cheyo and Dr Mrema’s Parliamentary Committees.  

Almost every Member of Parliament who stood up had uncompromising comments on the way the government was handling financial matters costing heavily the tax-payer’s money.  But the three speakers, Erasto Zambi, Peter Shelukamba and Tundu Lisso were thorns to the very flesh of the government.  

Should we hang or execute saboteurs who plunder our resources as it is being done in China?  This is a big question lingering on the heads of parliamentarians and the people at large. But this would make the government even more unpopular as most of our politicians and technocrats have been spoiled by bad apples. Very few of them are incorruptible.    May be, we should commit suicide and start afresh!  

All the people we have entrusted our hope on them are in a plundering spree. It is only those who are not in sumptuous positions of initiating bribes or kickbacks are the ones who can make the most noise. Indeed these leaders have changed this county into a cash cow!  

You cannot have moral authority of condemning corruption if you are corrupt.  Remember that Biblical saying that “Whoever has not committed this sin should be the first one to throw a stone to that sinful lady.”  Almost all the Members of Parliament were vying for Minister for Finance’s skin.  Mr Mkulo was on official duty to Washington.  

What irked more the Parliamentarians was when the Chief Whip, William Lukuvi thought of defending him by saying he was attending important sessions for our budget in USA.  An obvious ridiculing comment had to come that is our budget being manufactured from USA?      

Selukamba and Tundu Lisso went even further by confirming that the Parliament has the powers of using its instruments to discipline the government.  And Lissu closed his argument for advocating for a vote of no confidence to the government, having failed to control budgetary spending and allowing a thieving government to go on unabated.  

Vote of no confidence?  That is going too far.  I do agree with one suggestion from one of the Members of Parliament who proposed the creation of an Implementation Committee to the Cabinet.  He cited an example of Kenya having introduced this kind of committee that has already managed to sack two ministers.  This makes sense to me rather than going for vote of no confidence.  

You might remember in the early seventies there was a crisis in our national assembly.  There was a controversial Bill on pension that resulted to a standoff.    Some of the government officials including comrade Kingunge Ngombale  Mwiru who by then was Regional Commissioner of Singida received a sack  before being rehabilitated  again to the government.  

They refused to endorse government motion!Then Mwalimu took time to address the Parliamentarians urging them to go and seek a new mandate from their constituencies, meaning dissolving the parliament amounting to the same vote of no confidence!    That was the end of it, nobody dared to pursue this agenda and Nyerere won the day.  

Then I would not be surprised to see the idea of Tundu Lissu be thrown out the window, nobody can dare to go to the electorates before 2015 by endorsing the vote of no confidence.  Let us explore that idea of creating an implementation committee, a replica of Kenyan legislatures.    

Yes, this suggestion touched me.  If you remember in my end year almanac early this January, I said, as a country, we want to unlock ourselves from the current predicament; therefore we should deal with issues and later come up with government’s pronouncement waiting for our candid implementation.  

The country is almost edging into a basket case after a series of misfortunes that had struck on us.  The multiple results of this have led to economic hardship with spiral inflation.  So we must take cue of this as a nation! We are in the globalised world where we have a new ‘economism’ guided by nationalism and patriotism and we have our own Vision 2025 since 1999.  

Creation of the National Planning Commission from Presidents’ Office with the subsequent production of the Five Year Development Plans should be the engine of our economic development spurred by Vision 2025.  Already one year has been wasted with a lot of talks on theoretical issues.

Vision 2025 as a national agenda, it should be owned by everybody irrespective of party politics as the preparation of subsequent five year development plans takes into account of overall national development goals and policy objectives; the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction Poverty, UN Millennium Goals and other high level government initiatives.  

A broad-based consultative approach with key stakeholders should be  undertaken to gauge the national economic challenges in order to make timely interventions.Vision 2025 envisages making Tanzania a semi-industrial country creating jobs to our people.  The Vision 2025 is expected to resurrect our strangled economy into middle income economy, address unemployment and stimulate our agricultural and never again revert to this kind of fiasco of plundering the resources of our country.        


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Author: Kiangiosekazi Wa-Nyoka

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