If you want a Bongolese to read, put it in Udaku magazines!!

If you want a Bongolese to read, put it in Udaku magazines!!

But I think I stand to be corrected if I say that you can set Tanzanians apart from the rest of the continent, they like to read, kweli kabisa, reading is in their blood! Tanzanians like adventure and anything which can provide them with discussion material for days is worth their time, watasoma tu, rest assured!

Kweli kabisa, unlike the rest of the Africans, Tanzanians like to read…..they are fond of ‘udaku’ papers, which are referred to as the gutter press, hapo umetukomesha! Put a screaming headline on the udaku papers, and the vendor runs out of stock within a very short time, but put it in a serious paper, and you will find that paper in the streets two weeks later, kama nadanganya mniambie!!

The saying that you can hide anything from an African in a book, believe me, was not created by the black man, hapana, it was created by the white man, after he discovered that Africans are a very lazy lot when it comes to reading.

Okay, turudi bongo. I always say that when it comes to blaming games, believe me when I say that Tanzanians take the cake, the whole cake and nothing but the cake! A Tanzanian will blame the government for having a big number of children, he will go ahead and blame the government for causing an accident while he is drunk, and they will even blame the government for their messy divorces, mnajua nasema kweli, msiniangalie na macho hayo!

As long as it is the easy way out, a Tanzanian will definitely follow it, and when it come to making the quickest buck, guess who will be the first to make a million without breaking a sweat! Okay, naomba mnielewe. I know there are some Tanzanians out there who are very hard working, Tanzanians who do their best in their chosen careers, nawasema walio wengi, lawama kwenda mbele!

There is a phrase which has become so common it irritates, it goes something like…. ‘tukiwezeshwa tunaweza’, roughly telling us that for them to go anywhere, they have to be empowered. The country is engulfed in a hot debate concerning the country’s Constitution, and those who love their books offer very valuable opinions, but walk in the streets of Dar es Salaam and ask anyone about the Constitution, and they will have no contribution to make whatsoever……..na ameshika gazeti la ‘Kiu’!

Recently I was listening to the radio and the presenter was talking about a new Constitution, and to summarize his program, he said that most Tanzanians, kama kawa, wanahitaji kuwezeshwa!

Hivi tuseme kweli jamani, kuwezeshwa kufanya nini? If you can afford the luxury of sitting for hours to watch ‘Mizengwe’ and other Swahili program on the TV, unashindwa kabisa kuijua katiba?

If you can afford to buy all the Udaku papers on the newsstand, unashindwa kabisa kuipata katiba? We have to be serious with life folks, life does not evolve around the death of Kanumba (may the good lord rest his soul in peace) or what Diamond took for lunch!

There is more to life than following closely on the stupid acts committed by Bongo ‘Stars’, there is more to life than counting the number of boyfriends Wema has slept with, kwa kweli inasikitisha!

Ask people about the East African integration, and they will tell you that the government has to empower them so they can learn about it, wakati huo huo unajua nani katolewa Big Brother, tutafika kweli?

Things which are not helping us in any way are the ones which we embrace and dedicate our time to, while very vital issues are put at the back of our minds, waiting on the government to empower us, hivi Wakenya wakija mtapona nyie!?

Love them or hate them, our neighbors are making strides towards development not only through efforts from their governments, but they also take their valuable time to learn important issues, nawaambia kweli kabisa!

While you are busy ogling through Kiu, Risasi, Sani and Ijumaa, others are busy perusing books on better agriculture, family planning and economic empowerment, nyie someni udaku tu, mtajiju!!!
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