I seem to have a stranger called my son

I seem to have a stranger called my son

Then speaking to him at the breakfast table yesterday, face to face it hit me that actually my son’s voice has changed and now I have a young man and not a boy for a son. No; I did not know what to expect with my once upon a time angelic boy, was supposed to turn into a man so soon.

A year ago I asked a male friend of mine to explain to clueless me on what to look out for. He did mention that the voice would change but I would not notice it before other people who do not reside in the same house will point out. Now backtracking I did recall a family friend mentioning as a by the way that my son’s voice sounded very different.

I should have known that change was round the corner when he shot up like a mushroom a couple of years ago. He still had the baby look and I was wondering how come the boy who at one time could hardly t reach my knees was sky rocketing. So putting on more height than weight he has gained a rather lanky posture. Coming with the drastic physical changes is his so concerned about his appearance.

I swear he spends more time getting ready in the morning than I do. While I am trying my best to get him to get out of the house as fast as lighting he is busy dodging me and double checking himself in front of the mirror. Visiting the barber shop is part of his grooming routine, while three years ago he kept a seventies afro that hardly came in contact with a comb.

He does not want any type of clothes, now he wants slim fitting shirts, skinny jeans as regular trousers are a huge non no while over sized Supras and hoodies are a must. Music and anything IT are his favourite pass times. Of course I do not even know the titles and tunes of the latest hits and when I do happen to chance watching musical videos on television I get the all the names of the artistes all wrong.

Playing away at games on the portable play station keeps him very occupied but do not bother asking me if I have attempted any game. All of a sudden the shy little cherub has become the main social mobiliser in the neighbourhood and before I got him his own mobile phone I received a number of messages from his buddies in a language I was made to believe was akin to the Queen’s English.

I am at lost for the time being as to what next to expect in the metamorphosis but I do have to get hold of my brother who I had asked years ago to sit down and have a man to man talk with my son long before the changes took place. So my little bundle of joy who a couple of hours after he was born kept on smiling every five minutes in his sleep has turned into a man while I; resisting change want my baby boy back!


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