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I present my name to the Review Commission

The Constitutional Review Commission was launched this week. I want to work for Honorable Judge Warioba, alias Mzee Judge, and be his right hand in the Commission. I will contribute to at least 5 points in the new constitution, turning them instantly into Law. I would also, on a few occasions, be willing to help serve tea and biscuits, when the need arises, but nevertheless have my points in the new constitution.

Mzee Judge has called on all Tanzanians to voice their views to enable the Commission to know what they want. He asks that Tanzanians collaborate with his Commission in giving out their opinions, which will have a direct say to the writing of the country’s new fundamental law. Speaking at the launch ceremony and insisting the commission is for all Tanzanians, Mzee Judge said that despite being nominated by various wadau, they don’t answer to them.

They answer to the people. They are for the people, by the people and all that other good people stuff. Tanzanians doing work for Tanzanians for bright Tanzania! At the launch of the Constitutional Review Commission, it was pointed out that the commission
is to receive a total of 10 ‘working tools’ for their seamless work.

These ‘work tools’ include, but are of course not limited to, a fabulous new 10 floor building with a new backup generator (for days Tanesco plays hide and seek), 30 brand new cars (fueled, of course) and new fully furnished houses for those Commission Members who reside outside Dar es Salaam.

The commission will also get state of the art office equipment (whether they know how to use it, or not), communication facilities (Post paid Blackberrys, iPhones, iPads etc) and even a brand new website. This website will have their pictures and endless credentials, should anybody have any doubt. Regrettably though, the other members will not get a part of Mikocheni (or any other part of Dar es Salaam) named after them.

That is only for the Chairman. (Then you doubt why I would gladly be serving tea...hey I need the iPad to figure out the new coffee machine) I would warmly welcome these ‘work tools’. I am young, dynamic and fully cable of using all these things effectively.

For one, I would invite my long lost relatives from both my parents’ villages to come stay at my new fully furnished house so we discuss the constitution. Apart from using the brand new laptops to type everything up and do graphs, tables and charts, I would also use the brilliant internet connection and Skype with my Tanzanian friends abroad to also discuss the constitution and receive their feedback on everything.

The brand new car (fueled, of course) would be used to transport me on official constitution missions, but also act as my family’s house car, transporting my sister to her friends’ and my mother wherever she wants to go (they are Tanzanians after all and the constitution is there’s) I would call my other friends and friends of friends on my new post paid Blackberry and iPhone to also discuss the constitution.

Furthermore, I would create a Facebook Fan page, Twitter account, Tumbler and anything else social, where we could interact, on occasions, about the constitution. You see now why I would be a great addition to the commission. All for Tanzanians, for a bright Tanzania Back to the important business of the actually getting me in the commission, I will be expecting Mzee Judge’s phone call during the cause of the week. However, if you are feeling generous and have my number, please pass it to him again, just to remind him. 

Twitter: @AmbyLusek

Email: ms.lusekelo@gmail.com

LAST week, following the inauguration of the newlyelected ...


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