Hotel owners could help in exposing drug dealers

Hotel owners could help in exposing drug dealers

Last Sunday morning, the crime busters apprehended two foreigners, a Nigerian and Guinean, at the Julius Nyerere International Airport, trying to import illicit drugs worth 128.5m/- into the country . 

A week later, the police scuttled an attempt by a Ghanaian to leave the country through the same airport with a 12 kilogramme heroin valued at 540m/-. This was one of the largest drug hauls the law enforcers have managed to impound in recent times.

The latest developments on illicit drugs, particularly the rate at which foreigners are involved, imply that Tanzania may not only be a destination for an international network of drug dealers but is also their transit. That, unfortunately, is the last thing the country would like to be renowned for.

Another major concern is that the problem could be much bigger than thought, in which case the war against illicit drugs must be intensified to save the youths, who are the targets of drug dealers.

From the recent incidents, it is clear that the unscrupulous foreigners spent some time at hotels in Dar es Salaam. It was, therefore, easy for the police to nab them. However, the airport is not the only entry into Tanzania. There are several others, which include ports and road borders.

The war on drugs should thus be taken to hotels and lodges where foreign drug dealers keep up in the course of carrying out their trade. In this, hoteliers have a key role to play in exposing their 'bad' guests. They should tip off the police when such suspicious 'visitors' book for accommodation. 

For security purposes, hotels may be obliged to install screening devices, detectors or security cameras at the entrances. Any drug peddler should be dealt with in accordance with rules and procedures of hiring a room at any hotel.

The effects of drug abuse have a direct bearing on the youths, their families and the nation as a whole.  Drug users often become addicted and ultimately ruin their lives. Some even die in the long run. A lot of resources are spent on rehabilitation programmes for addicts. It is thus wise to take preventive measures. 

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