High Court jails Tarime man 9 years for manslaughter

Judge Amir Mruma found Chomete John Wambura guilty of manslaughter in connection with the death of Chacha Ryoba Mkono. Chomete stabbed Mkono to death following a dispute involving 200/- as the two were playing a pool table game.   

Passing the sentence on Tuesday, last week, Judge Mruma said that he was satisfied with the evidence that was presented before the court, proving Chomete’s culpability to the offence of killing without malice aforethought.He had been in remand prison since August 19, 2009 after committing the crime in Genkuru village, but the Judge refused to consider it as a mitigating factor.

In another case before the same court, Judge Mruma sentenced Marwa Magembe to serve nine years in prison for manslaughter.
Magembe killed one Murian Chacha Tugara on August 19, 2010 in Nyantira village in Ingwe Division.

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Author: SAMSON CHACHA in Tarime

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