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Happy Easter

And for some like me, it has been 40 days of suffering as it occurred to me that some people may have given up basic human hygiene for lent. Bad breath and other odors ruled and in certain cases, overruled! Onto the Easter Weekend. Thursday night saw people descending to various places.

This was to meet and reflect on lent and prepare, mentally of course, for Easter Sunday. Due to seer urgency of it all, a lot of people were still in their office clothes. There were shirts of all colors and pointy dress shoes of all magnitudes. Guys had come straight from offices to initiate what was going to be a long weekend.

And initiate they did. One guy fell off his chair and his friends had to try lift him up but ended up dragging him outside. It seems he drunk, smoked and ultimately passed out. Another guy was kissing his girl on the dancing floor and the look on his face indicated his head was in control.

Another guy took off his shirt on the dancing floor and started swinging it with his hand above his head exhibiting what I’m sure he believes is a sexy pot belly. Friday night, which is actually Good Friday night, saw more people meeting up in various venues to continue preparing for Easter.

Everyone showed up late to all the clubs and bars. I am sure they were in churches for the Good Friday Mass. Every Christian knows how important Good Friday is. This is the day the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of man. This important fact was on the faces of many as they packed nearly all the clubs and bars, in and around Dar.

With early morning Easter Sunday Mass on the minds of many, Saturday night started in the afternoon. Saturday afternoon had nyama choma and brown bottles of all shades and even a few clear water-like looking bottles as well. Easter was discussed of course. Many plans were laid but subject to confirmation at a slightly later time. Plans should be made on a full stomach, right after some drinks and a bit of dancing to ease digestion.

Saturday night ended at 6am on Sunday morning. Those with high tolerance levels and who remembered to drink their water are in church now. They also fear for their lives should their parents find out they didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of their savour Jesus Christ.

The plans made vaguely on Saturday will be brought up after family lunch but not before exchanging pleasantries with all the aunties and uncles. The pleasantries will include a detailed progress report on school, work and when they should possibly expect a wedding and a grandchild. Happy Easter!

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