Govt advised to protect primitive societies

Govt advised to protect primitive societies

The Executive Trustee of Flame Tree Media Trust, Mr Mwanzo Millinga, during an exhibition that sought to showcase traditional way of Maasai life held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend. The exhibition was part of commemorating the lives of people who still live traditionally worldwide.

"Our country should honour and recognize tribes which have not changed their way of life," he said, adding that the United Nations and African Union recognise them and decided to have a day in their honour. He explained that the lives of societies such as Maasai, Barbaig and Hadzabe differ with other tribes in the country and that the government has the responsibility to preserve that treasure and take care of their rights.

He said the increased investment and other human activities have altered these societies' way of lives by grabbing land from them and therefore hamper their traditional way of life  and gathering. The exhibition used pictures to showcase the lives of Maasai people in their traditional settings which is a major attraction for people from within and outside the country.

The Netherlands Ambassador in Tanzania, Dr Ad Kaekkoek said the United Nations want countries around the world to cerebrate lives of people living traditionally as a way of guarding their rights.  He said the Netherlands Embassy and the European Union have decided to work a renowned photojournalist, Mr Millinga to show people's traditions as a way of reinforcing a need to give them their rights.

Tanzania is a signatory of the United Nations 2007 agreement that seek to honour societies living traditionally but there is no policy or law for these people's rights. On his part, the Executive Director of a Network of pastoralists, hunting and gatherers, Mr Edward Porokwa said Maasai people is one of groups of people recognized internationally as people left on peripherals.

Tanzania has tribes ranging between 125 and 130 categorised in four major groups of Bantus, Cush, Nilo-Hamitic and San. The exhibition was prepared by Flame Tree Media Trust with the assistance from the EU, Netherlands Embassy in Tanzania and Alliance Francaise in Dar es Salaam.

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