Government needs to be proactive

Government needs to be proactive

All the eyes and ears were in Dodoma recently as Tanzanians from all walks of life were glued on Television sets following up proceedings of the parliamentary session in the designated administrative capital.

The most obvious scene was how our parliamentarians put aside their political affiliations and spoke in one voice against the unsatisfactory performance by some government ministers. It was a new phenomenon to hear Parliamentarians from the ruling CCM openly criticizing government ministers, who also happen to be fellow legislators, for underperformance.  

They blamed them for being the source for the government losing the confidence of the people. Most of those who stood to contribute to the CAG report tabled in the House called for their resignation. Several others joined the opposition chorus in penning their signatures for a planned motion on a vote of no confidence to the Prime Minister as a way of holding the government accountable.

Credit must go to CAG and the Parliamentary Committees -- Public Organisations Accounts Committee (POAC), Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Local Authority Accounts Committee (LAAC) for revealing abuse of power, embezzlement of public funds and massive corruption in ministries, public organizations and local government authorities.

They all recommended action against those implicated in the reports. The swift response by the ruling CCM caucus that met in Dodoma after conclusion of the Bunge session in Dodoma to reflect and decide on the next move disserves our praise. They endorsed the CAG’s and Parliamentary Committees’ recommendations to take all ministers and public office leaders implicated in the reports accountable.

The party’s supreme body --the Central Committee (CC) that met in Dar es Salaam on Friday endorsed decision by President Jakaya Kikwete to make a cabinet reshuffle as soon as possible. This is, indeed, a shift of accountability on the part of the party in power to respond to the demands of the day.

This time the CC decided to take its government into task, which is highly commendable. This is the first time the reports by CAG have been taken seriously by the party and the government in power. Previously, such reports used to gather dust on government offices’ shelves. People must be wondering about this new move by the party and its government.

But, we are saying, something more serious must be done. From now onwards, the government and the Presidency needs to be more proactive in conducting the affairs of this country. For, what has happened here is a reactive approach after something wrong has happened.

This should not be the case if the government is to restore the public confidence. Complaints against ministers’ unsatisfactory performance have been around for sometimes, and because no action was taken against the minister responsible, people got sick and tired. They started to blame their own government for not taking action. Surely, this created room for public criticism on the conduct of the government.

Some have started to lose confidence on their own government.  Talks like; things are not moving, the ministers are the President’s personal friends that is why he cannot hold any of them responsible for incompetence or mismanagement became the order of the day. It is not healthy for a government that is guided by transparency, rule of law and accountability.

Therefore, the move by the government in power now should have started long time ago by taking individual ministers accountable for their deeds instead of waiting until the public starts to question about the credibility of the government they elected to power. 

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