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Goat supply at Pugu market drops

The spot survey shows that last week the market received an average of two mini-truck of goats compared to between six and seven trucks a day under normal situation. A truck carries between 130 and 150 head of goats. The wholesale traders said it was only on Monday that the market at least received about seven trucks to boost the market delivery but prices continued to be on the higher side.

A goat wholesale trader, Mr William Mwalyema told the 'Daily News' that goats prices, depending on quality and size of the animal, has gone up by almost 100 per cent in same categories. "The delivery from upcountry has dwindled in the recent past, as traders are said to hold stocks to make a big kill during the festival expected later this month," Mr Mwalyema said.

The prices have gone up to between 60,000/- and 150,000/- yesterday from 30,000/- and 110,000/- per animal registered at the end of last month. Goats are the favourite animals during the slaughtering festival.  According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade data, average sales per day for goats increased by 3.8 per cent in the week ending last Friday while prices went down. But were between 55,000/- and 127,000/- per goat.

The report shows that prices for mature female grade three slightly went down by 3.5 per cent to 55,000/- while grade two also dropped by one per cent to 90,000/-. On the mature male grade three counter price decreased by 1.6 per cent to 59,000/- and grade two dropped massively by 23.3 per cent to 127,000/- at the end of last Friday.

However, the wholesale prices for beef remained unchanged at around 4,500/- a kilo for over one month now with steady supply from upcountry markets.  A Vingunguti meat trader, Noel Makule, said the price remained range bound as the market continued to receive a good supply that managed to hold things at equilibrium.

"We haven't experienced a price change, the situation continues to be at range bound," Mr Makule said. The ministry report shows that average sales at Pugu market for Zebu breed increased by almost 13 per cent to 703 per market day. The increase in sales pushed down prices across the board an average of 10 per cent to between 400,000/- and 800,000/- per cattle depending sizes and quality.

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