Firm vow to source many supplies locally

Firm vow to source many supplies locally

The projects, are being executed under a joint venture between the National Development Corporation (NDC) and Sichuan Hongda Group from Sichuan.The board of the Tanzania China International Mineral Resources Limited launched in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday. The company is charged with implementing the two projects.

Speaking at the launch in Dar es salaam, the NDC board chairperson Dr Chrisant Mzindakaya  said  they had got a formal approach and the company had accepted to do local procurement including purchasing more equipment and other supplies from Tanzanian firms and individuals.

He said that they had been told so and agreed to spend heavily on capital goods and other supplies for benefit of local farmers and smaller companies whose services shall complement the large projects.He said a taskforce has been formed to find out how Tanzanians can benefit and how small projects can be complementary to the large project in Ludewa district in Njombe region where this biggest ever single investment after TAZARA is being implemented.

"We are also involving banks on how they will be able to provide loans to Tanzanians to start small scale businesses and work with the venture," he said.Dr Mzindakaya said the local companies would  boost economic growth by purchasing  food from farmers, more equipment, supplies and services from local companies and spread the benefits of mining more evenly across  Ludewa District in Njombe Region and across the country.

There has been widespread public sentiment over mining companies which fail to support Tanzanian entrepreneurs by importing items like oranges, onions and wine which are available locally.

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