Experts meet in Dar to discuss management of minerals

The meeting will bring together experts and decision makers including representatives from 14 countries including Southern Sudan, a press statement released on Sunday said.With the theme, "Harnessing the Africa Peer Review Mechanism Potential to Advance Mineral Resources Governance in Africa" the meeting will focus on improving governance management system anchored on strong institutions.

The statement said that governance management systems were some of the factors to address and harness Africa's mineral endowment for growth and development.The SRO-EA Director, Mr Antonio Pedro, said in the statement that the ICE meeting vision advocates for transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to support broad-based sustainable growth and socioeconomic development. 

"These are some of the factors for enhancing the contribution of the extractive industry to the socio-economic development of sub-region," he noted.He said that the African Mining Vision (adopted by the African Union Heads of States and Governments in February 2009) would be a core reference document for discussions at ICE.

On the other hand, Mr Pedro said that the ongoing revision of APRM questionnaire for country reviews with the inclusion of an extractive industry offered an opportunity to use ARPM framework to advance governance in the mining sector.

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