East Africa budget speech by minister Mwananchi Mlalahoi

East Africa budget speech by minister Mwananchi Mlalahoi

God also saw it fit to place Lake Victoria , the source of River Nile in the middle of an area where geographically, East Africans became its key stakeholders, similarly to making available, the gateway to the world through the Indian Ocean from Mtwara to Mogadishu.

When the children of East Africa go hungry it matters not what side of the border they are. They are children of God in East Africa and deserve to feed from resources of East Africa. Not children of a lesser god.  A good 50 years into independence on these shores our budget speech should read like this: These resources that were put in the hands of East Africans for  diligent use and benefit for all, have for the past 50 years, benefitted an elite few, than the majority poor.

In this regard, I minister Mwananchi Mlalahoi will start by radical switch that will take away all the consumerism that has dominated our national budget and re-direct the funds towards development expenditure. In the Education Sector, we have concentrated on universal access to education. That is good news.

However, we have put very little funding to facilities, teacher training & salaries , book & apparatus access and finally quality,  that would ensure that our graduates at whatever level are job creators, doers rather than robotic performers. Actually, the latter was what colonial education made our grand fathers and fathers.  They were all being educated to serve as clerks, security guards, ladies in waiting and accounts clerks.

The trouble is we inherited and ended up with a system that clearly could no longer serve the 150m people as there are not enough jobs to go around. East Africa must turn away from being a consumer society and become a producer. We must stop being the place where Chinese toothpicks are picking EA teeth sitting pretty in Japanese cars on traffic on European built-roads. 

That we want to turn away from simple consumerism,  means we must build and equip our hospitals and while at it ensure they have drugs and that nurses and doctors are paid well enough to retain them. We have to put more money on health than spend it in treating our political bigwigs in India and Europe whenever they want to go on medical holidays paid up by public coffers.  There is need to put more money into technical education and to generate pooled funds for enterprise. In agriculture, we have talked the talk for a long time but we have not walked the talk.

We now need to walk the talk. That requires billions of shillings to be used not for seminars but for irrigation, seeds, mechanization & reduction of post harvest loss. In essence all these measures are aimed at ensuring East Africa is food secure for a people that are hungry cannot be expected to think and act independently.

However, I am challenged because for my budget to be passed I need the support of masters of deception , the Members of Parliament. This lot has been the bane of East Africa’s rise. They are the kings of consumerism. Without their say so this budget cannot see the light of day. They love workshops and seminars in such picturesque sights as the Rock City Mwanza, Coastal Beaches of Mombasa or the idyllic sights of Kigali Serena Hotel among others. There, they discuss the budget and its shortcomings not because there is no water for irrigation but because they have been denied loans for cars and such other luxuries.

This lot holds a protest note that if they do not get to be committee members where they collect allowance after allowance, they shall not vote for water delivery to villages in Sumbawanga or Arua, nor shall they ensure that our children do not pretend to be learning under trees come rain or shine. The future of East Africa depends on East Africans discovering that there are only two tribes of the rich who control resources and the poor who have nothing.

I, Minister Mwananchi Mlalahoi present you with the budget of the people of East Africa. Reduce salaries of political office holders, stop all foreign travel and seminars for 12 months, put all the money to development and let’s see what happens. This  budget speech was not made last time and will not be made anytime in the near future. In other words we know the problem and the solution, we just do not want to swallow the bitter pill now do we?     utafitinews@yahoo.com Twitter@motowntz


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