Dutch firm donates solar lamps

Ambassador Iddi made the remarks after receiving a donation of 400 solar-powered lamps worth 25m/- from the Netherlands Solar Company, Waka Waka in Zanzibar.

Ambassador Iddi said the donation was a big boost for development of Matetema and Kichungwani villagers. “By using solar power lamps, people will reduce the usage of kerosene as well as living costs. This is part of development in these villages,” he said.

One of the founders of Wakawaka Company, Maurits Groen, said it was known that many people in Africa use locally made kerosene lamps to lighten their homes.He said the solar-powered lamps would help avoid negative effects of kerosene smoke.

“The smoke affects lungs, eyes and sometimes causes fire accidents, hence these lights would let us avoid all of these,” said Groen.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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