DPP under fire over albino plotters

They said the move showed that the judiciary was undermining their efforts of fighting albino killings in the country.Incidents of albino killings were widely reported in the Lake Zone, where the white-skinned people were murdered for their body parts.

Paulina Alex, a human rights activist said the government had to take a firm stand in punishing those killing albinos for their body parts.“Otherwise these heinous acts killings will never end,” she explained.

The three people were facing charges of trying to murder Adam Robert (13) but the charges were later dropped on orders of the prosecution.The three suspects Robert Tangawizi, the boy’s father; Agnes  Majala, the boy’s stepmother and a witchdoctor Machibya Alphonce, residents of Nyaruguguna village, were let free on May 30th this year after the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) decided to terminate the proceedings.

The DPP office entered a nolle prosequi plea,  a phrase that means "do not prosecute". It is a phrase used under Tanzanian procedural criminal law to describe the DPP’s decision to voluntarily discontinue criminal charges against an accused.

The accused  were arrested in October last year and remained in prison until the DPP invoked his nolle prosequi powers, vested in him by section 91 of the Criminal procedure Act, to let the three walk free.The nolle prosequi plea meant the Geita district court had no option but to terminate the case and let the accused walk to their freedom.

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Author: DAVID AZARIA in Geita

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