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Don’t mess with Uncle Jack’s fist

One of the most important issues is of course the doctors’ strike which brought the nation to its knees last month, and again, last week. The doctors had to be called in to state house for a chat that ended with the chaps leaving with big smiles and softer words.

Teachers and other public sector workers are also threatening industrial action should their demands for better pay and overall better working conditions not be met. This bearing in mind that the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) released results for both O-Level and A-Level showing a significant drop in the number of students that passed.

Another area that is surely about to get the wrath of Uncle Jack's fist is electricity. There seems to be polite electricity rationing that has yet to be officially announced, but if they announce, they will get the iron fist for sure! Tanzania's inflation rate is almost at 20%, although there are ongoing efforts to bring it down to a single digit by June this year. Efforts and again, Uncle Jack's iron fist.

The Tanzania Meteorological Agency issued a stern warning about the looming floods following the beginning of the rainy season. However, despite this, residents living in Jangwani Ward along the Msimbazi Valley have defied weather forecasts and not taken any safety measures. This after experiencing the worst floods last December which claimed 40 lives and left thousands homeless and in need of emergency assistance. They will feel Uncle Jack's iron fist any moment from now.

With those big items, we also have the standing orders like Tarime and of course, corruption. The folks in Tarime must fight in order to exist. Anything short of that, is well.........a fight! And we all know about the police, but it seems they are seriously outdoing their fellow civil servants! They are still ranked number one in bribe cases, beating the immigration department, Tanzania Harbours Authority, Tanzania Revenue Authority and so forth.

The list is long, and Uncle Jack might probably fracture his arm throwing his iron fist at all of them.  And now comes Mussa Lunyeka. This man of faith from the Baptist Church in Geita has summoned Uncle Jack to go to him immediately! Mr. Lunyeka has been on a hunger strike, sitting on a mountain since February 7 this year.

He has refused to descend until Uncle Jack arrives. Mr. Lunyeka said that he is acting with directives from God who appears to him. He said that God told him to pray for Uncle Jack and the nation as a whole. And now God has directed him to call Uncle Jack to the mountain to discuss sensitive issues regarding the country before March 30.

Last year, this chap rode his bicycle from Geita all the way to the State House in Dar es Salaam to meet with Uncle Jack and congratulate him on his reelection in 2010. He was welcomed to the State House and indeed met with Uncle Jack's iron fist.
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Author: Amby Lusekelo

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