Doctors’ decision to call off strike welcome

Doctors’ decision to call off strike welcome

Suffice it to note that the public is aware of the important role the doctors play in our society as they are viewed as life-savers.

For this reason, the thought that the same doctors would go on strike would never be considered as a move that is for the greater good. Thus, the latest news that the planned strike never materialized had been received with great relief. One fact is that many ordinary citizens receive medical treatment in public hospitals.

That majority cannot afford medical services offered by private health facilities is a fact. It should also be noted that the medical profession is more of a calling than just another day job.

The sensitivity of the profession demands that medical practitioners be extremely ethical and caring. No one ever plans to fall sick and since we are only human, anyone can fall sick at any time, even the doctors themselves.

It  will never be in the interest of the public for doctors to go on strike. Many public servants in other professions have own concerns that the pay is just not enough. And should we then all go on strike just to drive a point home? If public servants in other professions choose to go on strike just because they have a few grievances then the nation would be at stand still.

There are many sober ways of resolving outstanding problems, and we think this is the way to go. Resorting to extreme action such as calling a strike is never the better option. It simply does suit an already struggling society that does not have access to the best medical care.

It is never wrong to demand changes for the better, but the public can better support doctors and their demands if they too show sympathy to the people they ought to be serving. It is dereliction of duty to simply lay down tools, more so when such action may lead to life threatening situations.

We welcome news that the doctors have decided to revisit their position and called off the strike. This is commendable decision.  There are isolated few who are said to continue with the go slow, the government should take stern punitive action against those that would be found to have gone on strike while it is working hard to resolve outstanding issues with the doctors.

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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