Diamond lands seven Kili Music Awards nominations

The awards ceremony to recognize and honour outstanding perfomers in the music industry from January-December last year will take place at the Mlimani City Hall in Dar es Salaam on April 14.

The R&B sensation has been nominated for Best Male Entertainer, Male Artist of the Year, Best Composer, song of the year, video of the year (Moyo Wangu) and Best Afro Pop (Moyo Wangu and Mawazo). Diamond, whose fortune has grown in leaps and bounds since in recent years, is back with a bang for the forthcoming awards after walking out empty handed during the 2010 awards.

He was at the top in 2010 when he scooped three gongs for the 2009 Kilimanjaro Music Awards including Upcoming Artist, Best R&B Single, and Best Singer of the year to cap the most successful year of his career. Diamond faces stiff competition from Ali Kiba. The Cinderella singer has landed five nominations thanks to his new track ‘Dushelele’.

He has been nominated for Best Male Entertainer, Male Artist of the Year, song of the year, Best Composer and Best Zouk/Rhumba song of 2011. Innovex Management and Audit Company supervised the Academy that came up with top five nominees in each of 22 categories, to ensure fair and transparent process.

Addressing the press, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Brand Manager, George Kavishe acknowledged the hard work of the Academy and commended the team for an impeccable job. “I congratulate the Academy that convened last weekend for two days of productive discussions that led to the nominees we have today.

These are the best out of the best for 2011 in the music industry,” said Kavishe. Speaking during the occasion, Angelo Luhala, from the National Arts Council (BASATA) applauded the nominees and encouraged them to cooperate with coordinators of KTMA towards final stages of the process.

“The public will start voting next Monday through to April 6, a period of seven weeks,” revealed Kavishe. Nominees for Female entertainer of the year are; Khadija Kopa, Isha Mashauzi, Queen Darieen, Dayna and Shaa. For Male Entertainer of the year are; Diamond, Ali Kiba, Bob Junior, Dully Sykes and Mzee Yusuf.

Those vying for male singer of the year are Ali Kiba, Diamond, Barnaba, Belle 9 and Mzee Yusuf; female singer of the year; Lady Jay Dee, Khadija Kopa, Isha Mashauzi, Dayna and Linah. Vying for song of the year award include Hakunaga (Suma Lee), Dushelele, (Ali Kiba), Moyo Wangu (Diamond) Mathematics (Roma), Nilipe Nisepe (Belle 9) Riz One (Izzo B).

Best Taarab song; Full Stop (Khadija Kopa), Mama Mashauzi (Isha Mashauzi), Hakuna Mkamilifu (Jahazi), Nani Kama Mama (Isha Mashauzi) and Nilijua Mtasema (Jahazi). Best Kiswahili Band Song Dunia Daraja (African Stars), Hukumu ya Mnafiki (Mashujaa Band), Falsafa ya Mapenzi (Extra Bongo), Usia wa Babu (Mapacha Watatu), and Mtenda (Extra Bongo).

Best R&B Song; My Number One Fan (Ben Pol), Maumivu (Ben Pol ft One), Nilipe Nisepe (Belle 9), Napata Raha (Jux), and Usiniache (Hemed). Best Hip Hop Song; Famous (Jay Mo ft P Funk), King Zila (Godzilla ft Marco Chali), Mathematics (Roma), Riz One Izzo B, Kilimanjaro (Joh Makini ft Lady Jay Dee, G Nako).

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