Desperate times call for desperate measures

Desperate times call for desperate measures

The chaos we unleashed then was targeted on house girls, and the appropriate time for these escapades was from 8 am to around 4 pm. For those of you who are experienced veterans like yours truly, then you know for sure that the timing had to be perfect, because by the time the boss left in the morning to the time he returns in the evening, damage has already been done.

We used to waylay the house girls in the morning as they went to the shop, and by the time we were done with them, they were day dreaming all the way back home, we perfected the art of seduction in those days lads! When I finally graduated to seducing the daughters of the house owners, the number of fierce dogs in the neighborhood increased ten folds, and I cringed every time there was a knock on our doors, some of the bosses did not take our adventures kindly.

With all these adventures, accidents happened along the way, and the accidents were in many forms, ranging from STIs to the worst of them all, getting the girl in the family way. Getting a girl pregnant was considered a major accident, because you knew for sure angry visitors, who consisted of a furious father and stubborn elders were sure to knock on your door sooner or later.

And when they do and after the furious father had vented his anger and gone through his thick dictionary of abuses, the stubborn elders will calmly ask a very simple question….. what your plans were. Your plans in this case were supposed to be straight and to the point, because you had broken the leg of someone’s goat, you are supposed to take the goat, the whole goat and nothing but the goat.

Against your will, marriage arrangements were made, and before you knew it, you were dragged to the altar, kicking and screaming, to face the fruits of your hard labor. Nowadays things are different boys, young and old men have been competing to break the legs of as many goats as humanely possible, and things have become much easier, because in some cases, the goat itself requests for a broken leg.

My brothers, gone are the days when a group of angry elders and a gun totting father would hold you by the shirt front and demand dowry for their pregnant daughter. Nowadays it is totally different, because either the brothers have become too smooth or the fathers have become docile, because cases of hit and run are rampant. If you meet a woman or a girl who is above 18 years old, boys know for granted that they are mothers, they have had their leg broken a long time ago, and the culprit has gone missing, leaving behind a cloud of dust.

Today only a stupid woman will allow herself to get pregnant with the hope that the guy will have no option but to marry her……those days will never come back boys! Nowadays a girl getting pregnant is no longer an accident, some of them do it intentionally, and if I am lying then let a goods train run over me! On numerous occasions I have met women who will tell you point blank that they want to have a baby but they don’t want to get married, so in other words they looking for the right candidate for a father.

Others will get pregnant and claim that it was an accident, and with a voice filled with doubt, they ask the responsible brother if there was any chance of wedding bells being heard. Boys have become riotous because they know the rules have been changed, and the game has undergone a serious metamorphosis.

So it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that women to some extent have played a big role in the increasing number of street urchins, and once again if I am lying, then a fully loaded goods train should run over me………….is that hooting I hear? ...........aaaaaaaaah!

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