Dar es Salaam brace for mega jazz concerts

Ricketts, celebrated as one of the most distinguished sax player in the world, the multitalented Scandinavia born saxophonist, is teaming up with music legends Tony Bunn and Delmar Brown.

The trio will perform the first show of their tour- dubbed Dar Jazz Concert tonight at Triniti Bar & Lounge located in 26 Msasani Road in the city, followed by Freestyle Jazz Jam concert to be staged at the Alliance Francaise on Saturday.

During the concerts Ricketts and co. will be joined by a host of renowned local artists, including Bongo Hip-Hop star Fareed Kubanda better known by his stage name as ‘Fid Q’, R&B singer Enika and Danish singer and musician based in Tanzania, Espen Sørensen alias “Mzungu Kichaa”.

“I am proud to return to Dar es Salaam to meet again Tanzanian friends and musical partners,” said Rickets who has made multiple trips to Tanzania, holding workshops and performances to inspire and raise the level of local musicianship.

“Promoting cultural exchanges and mutual understanding through jazz is essential to strengthen the partnership of American musicians like myself, Delmar Brown and Tonny Bunn with Tanzanian artists,” added during a press conference held at the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam on Thursday.

Rickets, who is based in Denmark, said he plans to share the passion, originality and talent and to showcase a world class performances while at the same time engage the audience in a wonderful networking experience.

He said from his experience there was a lot of developments as regards to the grassroots initiatives in the country, but apparently reminded local artists that there was still a lot a work to do to put the country’s jazz music on the world map.

“What we’re doing right now is a kind of (jazz music) grassroots initiatives but I would like to see it grow,” asserted Rickets, who is expected to provide a cocktail of inspiring, horn playing, sultry grooves and memorable compositions that is symbolic of his multicultural music genre during his performances.

He added: “Jazz music is very popular in Tanzania but people are not aware, I have watched Tanzanians doing free style, people also report daily happenings through music and that’s the root of jazz.”

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