Dar es Salaam cricketers can make us proud

Dar es Salaam cricketers can make us proud

The team left for the Asian country's capital, Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday to battle it out in the tournament, scheduled to start from Monday to September 10, with the first two teams earning promotion to the ICC World League Division 3, penned for next year.

The team has been training intensively for the past few months under head coach, Zully Rehemtulla, to shape up for the tournament and there is no doubt they are going to work extremely hard with a view to qualifying for the ICC World League Division 3.

We expect the team's tour of Mombasa, Kenya, last week in which they played a series of international friendly matches that had a crucial role in building confidence on players. Nothing is now expected other than success from them. Apart from Tanzania and hosts, Malaysia, other countries that will participate in the ICC World League Division 4 include Denmark, Nepal, Singapore and the United States.

The senior national team is expected to open its campaign by facing Denmark at the Kinara Oval on September 3 and will then clash with Nepal at the Bayuemas Oval on the following day. Tanzania and the other five countries will also be hoping to move closer to qualification for the ICC Cricket World Cup in the future.

The tournament will also be an ideal platform for Tanzanian players to prove their mettle and show the world the vast talents that this country is endowed with, but somehow failed to nurture in the past due to numerous problems including bickering among cricket officials.

Such problems are now a thing of the past and indeed the TCA deserves a pat on the back for putting its house in order and concentrate on promoting the sport from the grassroots. The good job the TCA has been doing in the past ten years continues to pay dividends as attested by many young talents who now play the sport.

The TCA has been working hard to shed the sport of its elitist image by promoting cricket in schools and encouraging children irrespective of their races to take up the sport, which not long ago was largely seen as a preserve of only a certain race. And indeed, the ICC must have taken note of the progress being made by the country in promoting the sport.

And the fact that several local players have continued to secure lucrative deals to feature for British teams during the past few years is further proof of the sport's development. The challenge for TCA is to sustain the good job and spread the sport all over the country. We would like to wish our envoys a successful campaign in the tournament.

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