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Continued sanctions against Iran: Is it a good practice of 'human rights'?

The EU move follows in the heels of more sanctions by Washington against Iran, this time on its central bank, which is aimed at weakening even further Iran's foreign exchange capability.

Reasons for gunning down Iran so viciously is the suspicion the West has nursed for long that Iran is inching closer to building a nuclear bomb. It is a charge Iran has painstakingly denied for equally a long time that its nuclear programme is not for military purposes but for producing an alternative source of energy.

Those who followed this newsbreak on international television networks must have gasped with considerable alarm and irritation on the extent western powers can go to achieve their goals and at the highest price to ordinary people of a targeted country, while in the same breath the same powers go on priding themselves as champions of 'human rights'!

Gleeful to the latest chocking on the lives of the ordinary people of Iran was no other than a leader of the unipolar power himself, President Barack Obama. Said he: "I applaud Tuesday's actions by our partners in the European Union... We will continue to increase the pressure..."

According to reports, the western move against Iran has meant a loss of more than 70 per cent of the Iranian currency's value against the dollar and loss of revenue out of its major product of export, oil, is bound to have an even more devastating effect on the Iranian economy.

As a reader of these lines, and perhaps a Tanzanian, just imagine if someone was to zero down on our major exports here on the international market given our plight thus far in terms of inflation! On the same picture, just imagine the lot of the ordinary people in Iran as they soldier on with life given this level of viciousness by western powers.

Now the question is: Why is Iran being made to suffer this much? If one has a little hindsight of history, one would make the following scenario: western powers never really punish countries whose leaders are their marionettes. If a look at the evolution of Iran is anything to go by, the present day Iran is certainly not the oligarchic Iran under the Shah, which was toppled more than three decades ago.

Iran under the Shah was a servile state completely under armpit of the United States and therefore allied to Israel. The level of the sophistry of the Iranian army under the Shah then was incomparable to none in the Middle East but there was no pressure on Iran then against its military or its perceived potential might, real or imaginary, was there?

Now, why is there so much hot air against the Islamic Republic of Iran today? Is there anything on the record in present day's Iran that it has gone to war or threatened a military attack against any of its neighbours?

Why then is it not believed that its nuclear development is for peaceful purposes only? If you asked me, my response to this hostility against Iran is the fact that the set of men in power today in Iran are not marionettes of any foreign power nor were they programmed to run Iran by the intelligence houses of the powers of this world. They are home grown. They take their own orders or orders from their own people.

What is worst to the apprehension of the West is that they have made sure that the natural resources of their country is wholly owned by the people of Iran. This is the crux of the problem of the West over Iran and not the capability of Iran to produce a nuke. But there is another phenomenon that may also be contributory to the hostility of the West over Iran. It is an Islamic Republic! It is not an imitator of the western model of 'democracy'.

But here I hasten to tip the big boys of this world, while allowing myself a little mischievous grin, that there is now a rising phenomenon in the Middle East -- as is now obvious in Egypt and Tunisia -- that Islamic parties are coming to power in the area! What will they do with them? Ostracize them as they are doing with Iran?

My final submission in this perspective is that continued sanctions against Iran runs in the face of human rights, which the West prefers to project itself as a 'champion'. And because the people of Iran know their leaders as their own and not puppets of foreign powers, the hope by the West for the people of that country to rise against their government remains simply as 'hope against hope'!

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Author: Makwaia Wa Kuhenga

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