Check this forgery in institutions of learning

Check this forgery in institutions of learning

The story presented alarming statistics, showing that over 1,000 students were caught when their secondary school certificates were sent to the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) for verification.Many will likely believe that this was not a one-off incident as the problem could be bigger, shared across many fields of education, which implies that the country could be sitting on a time bomb.

Imagine a semi-qualified student gaining admission into a nursing college with fake certificates and later graduate and work in a sensitive field of administering treatment for the sick in our hospitals.So far, the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has managed to curb this malpractice by introducing a system where candidates apply to the commission instead of applying directly to universities of their preference.

This has eliminated cheating as TCU now is able to get the results directly from NECTA without having to consider copies of certificates presented by the students.This is the best way and TCU deserves praise for coming up with this initiative. However, more has to be done to control admission into tertiary education colleges and into schools that have been accredited by the National Council for Technical Education.

In Tanzania, there is massive mushrooming of colleges offering all sorts of courses. They are all over the country but sadly, a quality control mechanism lacks for these institutions.Absence of a quality control system will encourage cheating and as a result we will have a large number of people calling themselves educated when they are not.

This situation should not be encouraged at all, lest we will create a country of people with bogus education who cannot compete in an integrated job market.The cases of cheating, involving nursing schools, should be an eye opener to the authorities. It is everyone’s hope that appropriate action will be taken to plug all loopholes.

Transparency is the way forward

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