Chadema’s dinner gala to promote M4C programme

Addressing a news conference in Dar es Salaam, M4C Dar es Salaam Chairman, Mr Alex Mayunga, said the social event to be officiated by the party's National Chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe would be conducted at Serena Hotel.

"The aim of bringing together people from the middle class is to offer them the opportunity to bring changes through the party's strategies," he said, adding that the gala will also raise funds to implement M4C countrywide.

"We intend to collect 5bn/- that would enable us purchase vehicles to reach remote parts of the country," he said. He added that the money would be raised through various congregations to be organized by the party countrywide.

Mr Mayunga, however, said that the dinner event is expected to raise 10 per cent of the money (5bn/-) and identify more people to implement the programme. He also said that the dinner gala is expected to bring together 500 participants who would enable the party organize a middle class network to connect Chadema members countrywide.

The implementation of the strategies, according to Mr Mayunga, would enable Chadema to disseminate policy regulations of the party in all areas in the country.

THE Principal Judge, Dr Eliezer Feleshi, has advised ...


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