Chadema install own 10-cell leaders

The party's director of elections and Campaigns, Mr Msafiri Mtemelwa, said in Dar es Salaam yon Sunday that some state organs have been frustrating Chadema leaders at the grassroots."When the multiparty politics started in 1992 we urged the government not to use ten-cell leaders who come from CCM to represent all people but the trend has been continuing.
"We have, therefore, elected ours whose representation is not recognized," he said.Mr Msafiri was of the view that the government should either declare the ten-cell leader's role as irrelevant in the current settings or allow citizens to choose who will represent them on political grounds.

"In some areas citizens have been asked for some reasons to present a notice signed by a ten-cell leader, but when that leader comes from Chadema he or she is not recognized whereas those from CCM have been giving such services for years now," he said.

When asked whether the move by Chadema to introduce its own ten-cell leaders was not aimed at creating confusion, Mr Msafiri said that there was a possibility of a crisis.

"We know that this will create confusion but we have no choice since earlier efforts have proved futile. We think by so doing the government will find a lasting solution for the matter," he said.
Currently, Chadema is carrying out elections of ten-cell leaders around the country which started on the first day of this month and the exercise is expected to go on for three months until October 5, this year.

THE ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi, CCM, yesterday sent shock waves ...


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