Celebrating the contribution of women

Celebrating the contribution of women

There was talk of violence against women, celebration of inspirational women throughout the ages and even mention of the common mama who works hard to feed her children. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook had updates that not only celebrated women worldwide but also women closer to reach like mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends.

The air was filled with appreciation.   It got me to thinking about all the women that I look up to in different areas. The mother of the American freedom movement, Rosa Parks, who dared to refuse the status quo and with one action sparked one of the most referred to actions in the civil rights movement.

I thought about Maya Angelou whose life story is an everlasting inspiration to me  I remembered the late BibiTiti Mohammed. BibiTiti was one of the founding members of the Tanzanian African National Union (TANU), and played a major role in fighting for Tanzania's independence. Her no nonsense approach to promoting Tanzanian women's rights led to the formation of TANU’s women wing UWT and ensuring women are represented on all areas of administration.  

Dr Asha-Rose Migiro who is the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and before that served as Tanzania’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Dr Migiro, on behalf of the Secretary-General, successfully led the negotiations that resulted in the establishment of the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women — known as UN Women.  And even closer to my heart, i thought of my grandmother who after my grandfather's untimely passing, single handedly raised her 5 daughters.

This was during a time when sons were thought to be more valuable as children. She toiled night and day to make ends meet and educate her children. Her strength and love is the foundation of us all.   Everything was right and the flowers bloomed bright.  It was a twit from a Kenyan man saying 'Happy Women's Day except Nyeri women' that triggered another thought pattern.

Based on my research done mainly on social networks, women from Nyeri in Central Kenya are notorious for violence and their men are subjected to beat downs regularly.   Inspirational women are daring with a purpose. But what about those who are daring with the sole intension of causing havoc! Not out to single out women here but we all know somebody who has acted less than lady-like! It is only fair to look at both sides of the coin, since after all; we are given our very own international day.  

I then went to task drafting an independent request to the people who allocate special days.   I'm proposing that aside from International Women's day, we should also have Women-Who-Lighten-Their-Complexion-To-Look-A-Shade-of-Pink Day, Women-Who-Go-To-Dr-NaniSijui-To-Get-Extra-Bum Day as well as Women-Who-Steal-Husbands-And-Flaunt-It Day.   I am hoping to start with Tanzania then move regionally and after that go global.  

Happy Women's Day!

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