CCM, chickens always come home to roost

CCM, chickens always come home to roost

And the proof may well lie in how often spoilt brats get away with some of the most unbelievable antics just because they can; daddy is connected. It is amazing how many privileged sons and daughters fail to see the damage they cause to their parents’ reputations by acting spoilt.

But societies with a little moral fabric have ways of keeping track of unpleasant incidents because it is always just a matter of time before tables turn. After the protector passes on or his/her mystical powers wane with time, bad boys, and girls, often turn out to be the community’s butt of all jokes.

They tend to remain pitiful images of their former selves with no one ready or willing to offer any chance for redemption. The chicken always comes home to roost! Now, for the typical profile of a spoilt child see this long list of adjectives – unreliable, rude, arrogant, selfish, hedonistic, extremely dependent, irresponsible, lazy, overconfident, incompetent, and unmotivated; and I could have gone on and on but I was beginning to lose my breath.

These are people, despite of their potential, where and when it is evident, who will remain goodfor- nothing happy-go-lucky chaps because they never have the inclination to do anything good for anyone else other than themselves. The saddest part is the fact that spoilt kids are often the offspring of self-made, outstanding members of society who have had to struggle against all odds to reach where they have and earn their claim.

These are normally children of respectable members of society who have worked hard to earn every ounce of respect and honour society has bestowed on them. Sometimes even apples do fall far away from the tree. Society at first tends to embrace them as their own because of their supposed lineage. But the cuddling is most definitely going to stop as soon as it becomes clear that these kids will never make their own bones. Whatever love, respect and admiration that will remain shall be by association.

And it seems like there is a little spoilt brat in all of us. As stated earlier, it is just so odd how we fail to see the damage that we can do to our own persons. Picture this: the boss showers a little praise to some guy in the office for a job well done, they get carried away and start messing up.

The next thing you know it is everyone else’s fault. All of a sudden the whole world despises and envies him/her for his/her remarkable achievements because s/he amazingly and exceptionally good at what s/he does. Such characters never take a step back and find the time to introspect. As such they never really know what really eats them and when they do it is always too late to make any difference.

They are their own worst enemies. Recent events have prompted me to liken the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) to an aging father who has failed to keep his children in check. The children have chosen to ignore, and abandon altogether, principles that made their father thrive and be respected. Now he is about to fall from grace. Because of that, a dynasty is about to come to an end.

The children’s irresponsible conduct threatens to bring down the big tree, and little do they know that if that were to happen, wither away all the little birds that took shelter in that tree. I, perhaps being among the last citizens in this country, fail to understand how the powers that be do not see that some things need to change. When a ministry is accused of massive misappropriation, the responsible thing to do is for a minister to resign with his/her respect intact.

And if they feel like they are not the type to be accountable to anyone, can’t they be fired just like they have been hired? Why is it that we get to hear of reports of massive embezzlement of public funds and not better use of the same funds to improve public service? I do not wish to believe that people accused of abusing their positions and embezzling funds or occasioning losses of the same cannot be replaced.

That is because I do not wish to believe that among all capable Tanzanians, all are incapable of doing any good without having to make the nation incur losses. To restore fading faith in people, CCM has to take action, lest the Current inaction has dire consequences for the ruling party in the near future. Just like he was appointed, the TBS boss should be relieved of his duties if he lacks the decency to bow out gracefully. Others too should start acting responsibly.

After all is said and done, CCM still holds the mantle, thus the opportunity to redeem itself and look forward to a better future. What is the point of acting like spoilt children at your own peril? In due time, everything will fade away.


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